• Floracion Dacuminata Bueu10-40x
  • catenella web
  • Coolia SEM
  • Gambierdiscus SEM
  • Ostreopsis calcofluor


Harmful algae group (VGOHAB) 

Our research group (VGOHAB) is dedicated to the study of harmful microalgae due to their effects on marine resources (fisheries and aquaculture), public health, tourism, and marine ecosystems as a whole. Our approach is multidisciplinary and includes research lines on taxonomy, genetics, life cycles, culture and toxin production in the laboratory, as well as the environmental and physiological factors that control their populations in the field.


Who we are

Our laboratory is located at the Oceanographic Center of Vigo, founded in 1917, one of the nine Oceanographic Centers from the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO). Our research team includes researchers from both the IEO and the Marine Research Institute (IIM-CSIC), by means of the Associated Unit of Harmful Algae (CSIC-IEO, Vigo)