Fran Rodríguez

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  • Education: University of Vigo (degree in Marine Sciences), Centro de Investigacións Mariñas (CIMA, Vilanova de Arousa; PhD.), Station Biologique de Roscoff (postdoc). 
  • Expertise. 15 years in topics related to microalgae, primarily on chemotaxonomic analyses based on photosynthetic pigments and phylogenetic and physiological studies on phytoplankton including Harmful Algae.
  • PhD. Chemotaxonomic characterization of phytoplankton using HPLC analyses of photosynthetic pigments, Vigo University, Feb 2002.
  • Current research topics. I am currently focused on the study of phylogenetics and physiology of Harmful Algae, including dinoflagellates of the genera Dinophysis, Gambierdiscus and Ostreopsis among others.

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